Experience – gift that keeps on giving

Last few years I’ve been working on a project – implementing idea to replace bundles of gifts/toys with gifts of experience. We always had that special place to go to on special occasions, that would count toward experience. But with living so far away from grandparents it wasn’t that easy to avoid rain toys that would soon after holidays find their less special place in a back of the room.
This year I am finally where I wanted to be with mutually agreed presents from 4 categories – something you want, something you need, something to wear, and an experience/something to learn from.
What I didn’t expect was my wee boys being so thrilled with this they put the same idea into their birthday presents just month before Christmas. Best present for me – every single time when we do some of those adventures ending is always the same ‘Mum I will NEVER forget this!’, ‘This was the best day in my life’…so far we’ve done horse riding, roller skating, and Edinburgh Dungeon, and there is loads more to come with Xmas on the way. I am really happy and I do believe them – unlike those poor toys, they will never forget these heart fulfilling adventures.
With years more and more I’ve became aware of what we are buying and giving. It’s quite easy to be honest. Once you start moving from place to place realization of how many things we don’t use and forget when out of site made it more important that things we do buy are the ones we really need, ones we will cherish, and to quote Marie Kondo things that will make us happy.  With that in mind this post is about ideas for that type of presents. And to make them even more cool – instead of getting lost in the chaos of shopping in large malls and centers why not step out of crowd and support local small sellers.

Incense burner

First on my list for a Yogic inspired gifts is a beautiful incense burner I received as a gift from a Yoga student. To be honest it inspired this post. Every morning when I get on my mat and light up incense it fills my heart with warmth and joy and I start my day with a smile and gratitude for all amazing people in my life. Very talented lady Julie Myatt that makes them at her home in West Linton can paint them in any color, playing with designs, making them truly unique. Each one (and there is a Xmas edition) are 9£ including 20 incense sticks and p&p. If this is the one for you get in touch with Julie on her email juliekathleenmyatt@gmail.com.

Handmade Aromatherapy

My favorite ones, and this might be a girls thing, but I would recommend it to all – are definitely all those yummy scented cosmetics that make every time I use them a special ritual. That’s why I choose them wisely looking for magic, cruelty free, kind to environment and completely natural. One I have close to home is Wizadrops Handmade Aromatherapy. To get a first hand experience Wizardrops shop is on 105 Brunswick St, Azahara will help with any questions and suggestions. There are soooo many reasons to stay here for hours 🙂 If you already know what you are going for there is online shop too.
For most of us Shavasana is that cream on top at the end of a Yoga Class. What makes Shavasana even more enjoyable (like that’s possible) is that gentle touch of a wee pillow on the eyes. It helps with that so much needed isolation, shifting the look to within, easing out into relaxation. And when its filled with lavender – it doesn’t get better than that.
Now, the one I have was also a gift more than 10 years ago when I started my Yoga teaching journey, and I still have it! Confession – I don’t only use it for practice. I love scent of lavender so much my eye pillow is always beside my regular pillow. When I was looking to buy one hand made, local from quality materials my first stop was Etsy – and I wasn’t disappointed.

Paint it back

It my not seem like much at first but if you think about it and the possibility of each and every family choosing something like this for under the tree this year what a magnificent, literally life changing effect would that have on the whole world. I am sure there is more projects like this, I’ve chosen Boranka – Paint it Back because it is very close to home. It is one of the largest volunteer projects to bring green colour to burned areas and turn them into new forests. Croatian Scouts, with help of thousands of other volunteers, have already planted tens of thousands of new trees, but there is so much more to do.
In this day and age nothing is more important than our planet and it has been proven over and over again trees are the way to go. The more funding is collected, more volunteers will be able to party and more trees will be planted. Is there a better gift than the gift of future?! https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/boranka-paint-it-back–2/x/22746637#/

A gift of touch

Now if there is one thing I love as much as Yoga and it’s super complementary with it, and I can just never ever get enough of it in a form of a gift – that is massage, bodywork, reflexology…you name it, I’m for it. And this is more like a reminder because I haven’t met anyone who would not like a gift of touch. If you still don’t have favorites here are a few of mine: Scents of Wellbeing, Bodywork with Jane and KamaCalm.

Yoga class

And that brings us to maybe not so conventional, but a very thoughtful and from my personal experience – gift that really keeps on giving. Yoga class. Whether for someone who is already a Yoga practitioner – maybe choosing an uplevel like 1-2-1 class or a workshop. Or someone completely new to Yoga – who might want to try one class or a block of them. Take into consideration their personal needs and abilities, get as much info as you need, from the Studio or the teacher and go for it! Nothing makes you feel like Yoga does 🙂 Yoga is one of those experiences from the beginning of this post…
I do believe this will be my last post for this year…Stay warm, be kind, love yourself and hope to see you on the mat in 2020!