Gratitude for Easter

gratituteDue to the fact our weekends if for some reason we are not out in nature and wild become a chaotic tornadoes that can easily bring someone (the weakest link that day in the family) up to a breaking point, I’ve dreaded a little bit this year’s long Easter holidays. It did take a few days of steaming off, for us all and our wee fury friends blow to the knee didn’t help with the mood, but somehow we went through it all not only with smile but with something completely new. The result was amazing.

For the first time when asked how are you I say great, we had the perfect holidays, and although I have no idea if the other person actually wants to know or not what we’ve been up to I start blabbing about the camp fires, and worm charming and well enormous amount of cool things we were doing. The more I am talking about our holidays the more I appreciate them and although lately I often see articles even books on gratitude and how much it can enrich persons life now practising it unconsciously I realised those claims were true. Even as I am writing this I think about how lucky I am my kids know so much about gratitude that being with them gave me insight (because I would never manage to read all those books) into one whole new world.

Here are commands to be learned from children:

Time can be bended to our needs

Without school run we were able to have breakfast long into the morning. No that on its own is a treasure to keep. Hope we’ll manage to get out of bed early enough to allow are bellies to indulge themselves in this kind of peace.

Not once did I hurried them up – break for the nervous system and more fluid communication that would then lead to preparing lunch without yelling, them having enough time to develop their games, invent new ones, create amazing masterpieces and after all that spend great deal of time outdoors. We would go for a Treasure hunt and take our time, not focusing on the hunt but on everything that was of interest to one of us. Stopping to play hide&seek or just munching on some snacks. With my hypermobility enhanced nervous system this was like being reborn. For the first time in my life I wasn’t running anywhere. I would walk in my six years old sons steps rather then making him run trying to catch my hurried ones.

The only time we used the clock was not the miss the ‘peaceful bedtime routine’ (that half an hour opening that is crucial to start getting them into bed before all throughout the day collected emotions explode). And so much more peaceful it was.

It sounds easy, but it took me some time to get there. And it needed a lot of yoga and mindfulness and lot less coffee to get there. And now when we sit around camp fire and my scientist busy husband wants to go (who knows where after an hour) I am able to look and if everyone else is cool with us being with fire support staying in the moment rather then rushing out who knows where and more importantly who knows why?

I remember reading about a couple who sell all their things and started to travel around the world in a motorhome with their son. First thing she said was how good it was having breakfast at peace without rushing to work and nursery. I fully agree and deeply desire to have something to sell and buy a motorhome.

Sulking is boring, forgiveness gives freedom

Brothers fight, that’s a fact of life. Our life. My life with my brother and my sons lives. (I am not saying there are no siblings that are not fighting. Congratulations to their parents). Having more time and being for some reason more observant it didn’t take me long to realise that if I leave them alone when they start fighting, they will make up faster, easier and continue to play like best friends ever. If however one of us takes sides deciding who has done wrong to whom the fighting continues and sometimes even escalates. At some point it became amazing to watch them. While in our adult world, specially marital disagreements, sulking can go on for ever and attacks become more vicious (because we remember rather than forgive and go on) the children fight and make up in a speed of light. Just this morning after a serious Ninjago Cards ownership disagreement their first day to school/creche began with hugs and kisses.

Realising how much less baggage that gives me to carry along the way. Sulking and keeping a grudge takes fun out of everything you are doing at that time and although we can bend time to our needs there isn’t indefinite time we were given. Why waste it?

Best things in life are free

Except for Lego Ninjago that is 🙂 With holidays and lower number of my classes we decided to reduce expenses this month. With my life motto about enjoying things that we love (like ice-cream at Affogato or East links or Wigwams) the thought itself was frustrating. Things changed rapidly. Before bed or in the morning when deciding on where to go and what would they like to do all of the answers were nature connected and absolutely free of charge (if not including snacks). Climbing tree forest, wood with the rope, tree house, playday with friends, fire and marshmallows. So we spend a lot of time in the woods, some on the sandy beaches the only organised activity we went to were Easter Egg Hunts. On the way from the woods we would collect young nettle leaves and explore the traditional recipes. Simple, great fun and free of charge. Numerous times I remembered Tom Sawyer and smile. First time ever since they were born I stopped obsessing with kids activity groups, stopped obsessing about ‘the need’ to go every day to a new place, and just enjoyed. Apparently parents in Finland or Denmark do the same, and statistics say their kids are the happiest in the world.

When in doubt do yoga

For a yoga teacher it mighgratitutet sound strange but yes it does happen – I forget about the yogic breath in certain stressful moments and so on. Lucky enough my children don’t. And they are more open to invent their own poses. Used to see me practising it didn’t take them long to see how the practice can develop into some new fun and cool games. Not only did we re-direct a potential conflict into some creative bunny hops or flying trees and sand stars they reminded me you can practice any time any where at it will always feel good. Even if it is just for a five minutes. More aware of that I did start to stop and inhale before reacting much more often. The ultimate treasure.

Inspired with Easter holidays 2017 my decision is to start a gratitude diary each night before sleep and see where it will take us…<3