How to do Yoga with a Flu

I have a friend, she is a yoga teacher but also a mum of two and has two other regular jobs and loads more. She does her everyday practice – every day. Sun or rain, sick or not. That was the part when I realised she is a Superwoman. – I have a terrible cold. So you’re not coming to class? Of course I am, I’ll just go through it!

And then there is me. I find the will to look at my yoga mat and even to practice when I feel the cold is coming. Having this belief that if I do my practice I will convince myself that there is no cold and therefore there will be no cold/flu/bug/virus. It works not so often as up to that moment I already didn’t sleep for several night because someone else in our home had the bug. So usually I end up in bed by the end of that day. There, I have two options – bitch myself about being sick or giving myself time to recover. Surprise, surprise – the other option does bring everything into balance much more efficiently. Not bitching and home remedies. About those a wee later.

So doing Yoga when you’re not well is in the same range as Shavasana. The most difficult pose of them all. No seriously. Because it’s purpose, it’s point, is to allow your body to rest while staying present with your mind. And I see it everyday in classes – not many do. So if you get that type of flu where everything aches do Shavasana, do Yoga Nidra, do Restorative yoga or just don’t do anything but sleep. AND BE OK WITH IT. It is your body, your reality. No sense in competing with anyone. Now, that’s real yoga.

But of course, if you are Wonder Person (like my friend) you can get the virus out of your system with dedicated practice as well. Once I get to that stage I will write down few poses that might be helpful at that point. For now the best advice – Find what works for you, today.

To finish this up, because health comes from within – our families best recipes for all those nursery bugs that just won’t stop jumping around are as follows.

Definitely number 1. HORSERADISH. It does everything antibiotic would but with no side effects. Bronchitis, sinusitis, cough and cold. You name it, horseradish deals with it. If you are not brave or masochistic enough to take it straight from a spoon, add a few spoons to meals or mix it up with few spoons of sour cream and a pinch of salt and enjoy on everything you eat. Until that cough is gone. And it helps with back pain, or any pain.

To no surprise GARLIC, LEMON, HONEY & CINNAMON. What I found worked best, especially with kids – mixing one squashed clove of garlic with tsp of honey, half of lemon juice, cinnamon as desired and a wee bit of warm water to melt the honey. Drink it fast and enjoy the health boost.

If there is no way a person with a cough will take that horseradish (under 5’s) there is BANANA&HONEY homemade syrup that actually works (unlike the ones from shelves). Squash one ripe banana, cover with hot water, when the water cools a bit add honey. Drink/eat as often and as much as you like.

Let’s not forget essential oils – Oregano (just one drop to at least 10 ml base oil) and Peppermint (one drop) massaged into feet will help the body to fight high fever and builds up its immune response. Of course making sure they are of good quality.

Good thing with colds – once I’m done I appreciate my on and off mat time even more 🙂