Private yoga classes

Experience yoga tailored to your needs

All private yoga classes are available either as one-to-one sessions or small group sessions.

Yoga for overall well-being

private yoga classes edinburgh

Over worked or over stressed? Feeling without energy or suffering from insomnia? Private yoga classes can address your specific needs acknowledging what you need the most – e.g. strength, flexibility, pain relief, relaxation.

I can help you to:

  • find the style that suits you the most,
  • learn how to practice yoga without getting hurt,
  • show you when and how to move forward.

Private yoga classes will give you the chance to deepen your group practice, to adjust your body to poses or to adjust poses to your body, thus avoiding possible injuries. As a yoga teacher and reflexologist with interests in aromatherapy and nutrition, I can tailor your session to be what your body needs them to be.

If you want to bring yoga to your home, private yoga classes will teach you how to form the right yoga sequence in the way that is most beneficial for you. For example, there is a big difference between yoga sequences suitable for the morning and for the afternoon class. Also for the class aiming to relax you and for the one to energize you.

I will design yoga sequences that you can follow at your own pace in the comfort of your home, with counselling and support by e-mail/phone or Skype in between.

Fertility and preconception yoga

fertility yoga edinburghIf you speak to your GP about preconception and fertility they will for sure tell you to start taking folic acid. That is a great advice worth taking. Sometimes that is just not enough.

I went through months of worrying and questioning whether it was too late for me to have another baby. I found that practising yoga together with healthy food choices and reflexology treatments was the winner combination for my fertility. That is were my love for reflexology started and that is why it is a part of my daily routine.

Preconception and Fertility private yoga classes with reflexology and meditation will prepare your body for the birth and diminish chances of potential side effects, such as incontinence or prolapse. Even if you do not have fertility issues, taking the time to prepare your body for the pregnancy gives you and your baby an opportunity to grow healthy and strong. It is never too late and never too early.

Let me help you to prepare for the new life that you will create.

Pregnancy yoga

Pregnancy is no doubt one of the most special experiences in a woman’s life. My two pregnancies were regarded as highly risky and that made them even more special, but not without fear. Faced with the possibility of losing my baby due to the gestational diabetes, the only thing I could do opposite of despair was to take things into my own hands.

The knowledge I had about pregnancy yoga and diet were my first-class ticket to a healthy baby. Your pregnancy doesn’t have to be of high risk for you to have concerns. Perhaps you suffer from lower back pain or cramps that wake you up in the night. Whatever the problem is, be sure the solution is out there and I am here to help you find it.

pregnancy yoga edinburgh

pregnancy yoga edinburgh

pregnancy yoga edinburgh

What to expect from the pregnancy yoga class

My pregnancy yoga classes are tailored specifically for your individual needs. If you are excited about your pregnancy, but you feel exhausted, I also offer reflexology treatments and meditation in addition to your normal pregnancy yoga class. It will not only bring you strength to carry your baby safely but also the calmness you need for bringing your wee one to the world.

Postnatal yoga

If there ever was a time to ask for help it is definitely in the postnatal period after your baby arrives.

Perhaps the hormones are kicking in, or you suffer from insomnia or it just the fact that you are not always able to tell what is bothering your wee one. Even when everything is fine your body needs time and space to recover from that awesome journey called pregnancy and childbirth it just went through.

 postnatal yoga edinburgh

 postnatal yoga edinburgh

It was when I was six months pregnant with my second son that the pelvic girdle pain came. Everyone said it will go away after the baby is born. It didn’t. For months I was unable to walk without pain. Not an easy task with two under 5s. Not easy at all.

I am happy to say that after 18 months I am walking pain-free and that is my best proof that yoga is a great thing for postnatal recovery.

Baby Yoga and Massage

When a baby is born, nothing matters more than a touch of his or her mum. Baby yoga and massage are a step further and is beneficial to both – not to forget the father and grandparents too!

baby yoga edinburgh

baby yoga edinburgh

Benefits of baby yoga and massage

Perhaps you are looking for a help to relieve the colics or teething problems, or you would like to have a more settled routine before the bedtime. Baby yoga and baby massage are the gifts you want more than all the bouncers, baby accessories or clothes the baby will outgrew in a second.

Our skin is our biggest organ and you really want to know how to give it the best care. No baby product beats the touch of a loving palm.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to help your child in whatever troubled moment or situation they have. Baby yoga and massage can be booked either as a one-to-one session or as a private group session.

Get in touch to reserve an empowering time with your precious one.

Toddler and family yoga

Exercise, Relaxation, Education and Fun. That and much more is what you get from our family yoga sessions when you put yoga and at least two members of your family together in one sentence, in one room, on one mat. OK, maybe two mats.

Toddler and Family Yoga Edinburgh

Toddler and Family Yoga Edinburgh

Toddler and Family Yoga Edinburgh

I can keep telling you how their concentration, sleep and much more will benefit from family yoga, but one thing I do want to shout – it is so much fun. Our sessions have been such an inspirational experience that the smiles come on our faces even when we just think about doing it. Toddler and family yoga can be booked either as a one-to-one session or as a private group session.

Reserve your time for your new favourite family tradition.